dsc_0031The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.  But it is only when we step off of the well worn path we find our own journey.  There are daily opportunities to sleepwalk through life.  We eat the same thing for breakfast each day because it’s what mom, or the internet  told us to eat.  We drive the same way to work everyday.  We wear the uniform of our life, even when we could spice it up at any time.  The map has been lain ahead of us, the journey that so many have walked, that sometimes to take one step off the path terrifies us.  We can journey for years following in the footsteps of others that do not fit us.  But if we never stray, we can never grow.

Think of walking along a peaceful Florida beach, you see footsteps ahead of you in the soft sand,  you find yourself  stepping into the footprints of the one who has created the way.  You put your head down, you take the strides to match someone else.  You carefully place your step inside of the footprint,  even when it’s uncomfortable.  But, you keep your head down and keep trudging along, never taking a moment to stop and look around you at the beautiful landscape around you.  Never taking the time to sit and watch the waves along the shore or the clouds in the sky, or perhaps find a new trail.  The journey has been mapped out ahead of us whether it fits us or not.  What if….we changed direction?  What if we took even just a small detour to see if we feel more comfortable somewhere else?  What is holding you in place?  What is stopping you from taking a new direction?  Is it Obligation? Or Shame or Guilt?  Do we need to follow instead of lead?

We do not have to walk away from our hard earned “life” to gain a new perspective of it.  We have all created a home, family, career, social life, etc.  that fills us up.  But…when it’s time to re-evaluate or re-create take the time to do it.  You may get a small little poke of a feeling, or a huge inspiration, listen.  Take 10 seconds to listen, take a minute to let your inspiration move from your mind to your heart and try it on for a bit.  

What is the next step????  Are you on your path or the beaten path?