“Healthy striving is self-focused: “How can I improve?”- Perfectionism is other-focused: “What will they think?” – Brene Brown

dsc_0074Striving for perfection in all things prevents you from doing anything.  Every new experience is peppered with potholes and mistakes.  The mis-step is where you learn to put your footing, not something to be punished for.  Yet in our day to day life we believe that perfection is the only thing worth striving for.  


God bless the Ego.

The ego is the bridge that connects Eternity with Humanity.


You cannot be human without an ego. The ego is what protects you, feeds you, and makes you who you are. Our ego is comprised of all of the parts of the personality that makes us a unique being and makes us focuses on perfection.  When we believe we need to shed our ego to align ourselves with the universe we are in essence removing all of those tendencies that make us human. The ego has gotten a bad rap as late, we deny that the ego is not a vital part of our humanity but something to be overcome.   When we chose to be a part of this earthly congregation we chose to come down here as different people in order to experience life from our individual point of view. 


Accepting the idea that our ego is what binds us to this earthly existence we learn to accept all the dimensions of ourselves, including our shadow side.  Trusting your intuition means trusting the Shadow Self as well as the Enlightened Self. Ultimately, as we grow, we continue to move parts from the Shadow Self into enlightenment. 


During a spiritual journey our inclination is to ignore or distrust any inner voice that is not perfectly aligned with the Universe, from our own finite point of view. This may feel justified, however your personality is what fills that space between perfection and uniqueness. If our ultimate goal is to be living in complete peace then we must align those parts of our personality that like to dance on the shadow side. Consider this: Your personality is the difference between being perfectly in alignment with all OR being the unique individual that chose to come down into this earthly existence and have a unique earthly experience. Peaceful alignment comes from balancing both sides of the equation. 


Don’t get me wrong, in the evolutionary cycle of heavenly energy, with the furthermost transformation of becoming one with source, the soul will ultimately shed all of its personality and ego traits.  But this does not need to all be shed in this lifetime. Our Earthly Realm is a place for progressive growth but it is not conducive for those that are on their highest level of incarnation. There are many worlds who’s evolution for the soul are far beyond this earthly plane. 


If ever you have studied archetypes you understand that for every archetype there is the eternal and a shadow side. Every part of you has a good and bad element to it.  In mastering these parts the trick is not to eliminate the part, but to transform the shadow parts into enlightened parts. For example, there may be a part of you preventing yourself from being in relationships. That part experienced a painful breakup, perhaps years ago, and is still holding on to that pain as a protection mechanism. When you acknowledge that protective part and thank it for taking care of yourself, you then allow the space for forgiveness and healing. From this healed perspective attracting a new relationship into your life comes with ease.

Our shadow selves fear that peace and forgiveness is weak, but only when we forgive ourselves and others, can we become strong. When we build a fortress around our feelings we spend so much effort in making the walls strong that we stand within those walls terminally weak. If we use that same strength and resilience to build up ourselves we would have no need for the barriers between us and the things we fear. By taking out our parts, examining them through Hypnotherapy, we can find the strengths and weaknesses that infiltrate our lives and bring those strengths to the light while healing those parts that make us feel weak.


Once again the part of us that is your shadow is never sent away, yet created to be our ally. Examined, healed, even promoted to a more relevant transformed part in your life.


When you clear out the Shadows in your mind and personality, you open yourself up to the intimate unity with your higher self. When you are in unity with your higher self you locate the confidence to become more in tune with your intuition. Inner wisdom can best be accessed from the light of your higher self. Transform the Shadows to create more space for an endless abundance of light.

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