Have you ever wondered…

  • What it feels like to know the right move, in every situation?
  • To have the instincts of A-Rod, LeBron James, Tony Robbins, or Richard Branson?
  • Reach your Full Potential and Create an incredible future?
  • Live a life that is full of Awe not just Awesome?

“If you listen, you have an inner voice to speak to you about your “path”, your job on earth.  The Wisdom, that is directing you from within, is your birthright.  It’s what makes it possible for the fertilized egg to know who to grow up to be, physically, intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually….In this fertilized egg is the message, that inner awareness that says ‘This is your path. This is how you can be the best Human Being Possible.  How you can live up to your full potential.’  If you follow it you will achieve your full growth and potential as a Human Being before you let go of the tree of life.”

Bernie S. Siegel: Peace, Love & Healing

What an amazing concept that it is our ‘birthright’ to have Intuition.  That Inner Guidance was given to you as a gift, you’ve had it since before you were born, but you have learned how to disregard it, turn it off.  And you didn’t even know you were doing it.

When we were young  we’d ask questions of ‘grown-ups’ that make us distrust our inner voice.  For example, you know that Grandma isn’t herself and you ask Mom “Is Grandma sick?”  Parents, trying to protect us, assure us that “Grandma is just fine. You don’t need to worry about it” causing our younger selves to doubt the feelings that Grandma is indeed ill.  Subsequently, each time you were protected instead of given the truth, you learned to become suspicious of those gut feelings.  You found yourself detached from the amazing gift of “Clarity” that is your birthright.  With each new feeling  that is inquired about and reassured that ‘nothing is wrong’ you start to turn off your relationship with your gut and your heart.

As children, we could sense far more than we could see, and tended to ask difficult questions about money, relationships, world atrocities, and religion that made the ‘grown-ups’ uncomfortable.  It is now our job as adults to reconnect with our Instinct, Intuition, Gut Feelings and step out of our comfort zone.  Inner Awareness is our Birthright.

How do you open yourself up to your Inner Awareness?

Through Meditation, Visualization and Hypnosis you can clear the blocks to this inner voice.  You can have access to direction to live up to your full potential and be the best human being possible.  That guidance has always been there for you, turn up the volume and make it an integral part of your day to day existence.

When faced with your next decision, go within and listen.  After you have exhausted the pros and cons list, go within and listen.  Reached the end of your rope at work, go within and listen.  Ready to dramatically change a relationship, go within and listen.  It doesn’t take time to have awareness, just stop…focus…and be aware.

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