“The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources- spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical.” -Norman Cousins

“Physical strength can never permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt


There is no source of physical suffering that cannot be helped by opening your heart and mind.  By releasing your worries, you can relax and find more peace.  By calming your fears you can ease your mind and focus solely on healing.  By engaging your subconscious mind in your treatment process you can jump start your bodies own healing system.  Find more comfort and motivation to take back your own health care and relieve Diagnosis Distraction.


All addiction comes from the same root cause, Happiness is somewhere out there not in here.

The most all encompassing addiction in our world today is distraction. We have become wise about addictions to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and food. But we forget all of the distractions to TV, video games, web surfing, porn, and shopping. AND EVEN OUR DISTRACTION FROM A DIAGNOSIS! Distraction is the root of procrastination, preventing us from getting anything accomplished. Distraction causes us to mindlessly eat, drink, medicate ourselves, until we withdraw from relationships, forget our passions and find ourselves mindlessly sleepwalking through life. Distraction encourages us to withdraw from life and pull up the proverbial and literal covers. Sometimes just looking for the cure for what ails us is our biggest distraction.

Diagnosis Distraction is like water, it’s everywhere and it will fill every gap that exists if given the opportunity. The internet has become the filler for the gaps in your health, relationships, spirituality, and intellectual growth filling you  with distraction until you no longer see the deficiencies. We find ourselves endlessly searching for the treatments to satiate your relationship gaps.  We lovingly embrace distraction as the tape and glue that holds us together when we are in need of serious emotional mending.

Our inner guidance knows what we should be doing, how we should be healing and growing , however our subconscious actions make it easier to step into the routines of distraction instead of consciously making decisions to create a better future for ourselves.  

You cannot be extraordinary and distracted at the same time.

We have an inexhaustible list things we should be doing yet our subconscious knows that we are comfortable when we are distracted. Our conscious mind may tell us to go work and our subconscious says one more game. Our conscious mind says eat a salad, subconscious says there are chips in the cupboard, it’s very difficult to make and eat a salad while playing video games.

Our conscious mind tells us to get outside into nature, breathe fresh air, be in the sun, walk barefoot in the grass or go to the beach, but our subconscious knows the climate controlled house feels much more comfortable. Our subconscious knows we don’t like being hot and sweaty, it make every excuse not to go outside of our comfort zone. 

Your conscious mind tells you to get up at 5 a.m. to meditate, read, get a jump up on your business, exercise. However your subconscious encourages you to sleep in, that you will feel much better if you get another hour or two of sleep. Your conscious mind knows that if you get the jump start on your day you will have a much better day and start on the path to becoming the best version of you, but the subconscious, 95% of your traditional behaviors wants you to be comfortable.

If you are looking for a comfortable life it is easy for the distracted mind. It will keep you busy searching for that next boost of happiness outside of yourself instead of looking within to your conscious voice. 


Dr. Joe Dispenza reminds us “ Once you step into the river of change, you become uncomfortable.”   Embrace the discomfort, that’s how you know you’re growing. They are called growing pains for a reason, step into them fully and completely.  


 stepping into that change is far scarier than you can comprehend.   Be the Distraction Warrior! Conquer it today!


When you use outside stimulus as your measure of joy you suppress the voice of your inner wisdom. By freeing yourself from distraction addiction you allow yourself to connect with your inner guidance.


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