img_0464As we know there are many times in our lives we need to change, yet we find it very difficult.  Not only trying to find the new path on which we would like to embark, but the more trying task of staying on the path. Hypnotherapy can help with both.

Think of the first time you got behind the wheel of a car…Buckle your seat belt, check the mirrors, look at the gas gauge, look behind you, check the mirrors again……and for a few weeks or months that was what you did to teach yourself this new skill.  Now you get in the car and do all those actions and never think about them.  Instead you are going over the mental list of   “Who will be at this meeting?”  “What should we have for dinner tonight?”  “What is up with the neighbor’s lawn?”  But you arrive at your destination all the same, perhaps never engaging your conscious mind unless you got lost or someone cut you off.  The 90% of your mind was driving your car, your subconscious mind, while the 10% of your conscious mind was somewhere else.  You taught your subconscious mind to drive the car…You can apply this to playing a video game, doing the laundry or making love.  90% Subconscious… 10% Conscious.

Hypnotherapy accesses the 90% to help you heal and reach your goal.  Re-educating the 90%, teaching it to do something “new” is the key.

There is a very common saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting (wanting) a different result.” By that definition we are all insane. If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.

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