We all know that keeping our body moving through exercise, increasing strength, breathing deeply, and eating healthy not only will help us lose weight but, more importantly, keep your body at it’s Optimal Health.  Many people are unaware of Subconscious Factors that are blocking their progress without their Conscious Knowledge, no matter how hard they try to exercise and eat well consistently they may find it difficult to  keep up their momentum or even get started.  Your Subconscious Mind may believe very strongly that these limiting behaviors serve an essential purpose – that they are important “tools” for helping you to function in some way.  And if a part of you believes the overweight or associated behaviors are necessary, you are much less likely to change them for long.  Acknowledging that these beliefs  exist is half the battle, through Hypnosis you can be freed from these Unconscious Barriers.

Emotional and Subconscious Factors that Keep Pounds On: Overweight as a “Tool”

    • Using food to increase feelings of comfort.
    • Eating to decrease feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, or other emotions.
    • Weight serving as a buffer between yourself and others, especially with regard to intimate relationships.
    • Positive identification with others in your life – past or present – who are overweight.
    • Equating “good times” with calorie-dense, sugary, fatty foods.
    • Equating “hard difficult work” with exercise or working out.
    • Fattening foods or beverages identified as “rewards” for enduring difficulty, suffering through illness, or not having felt loved.
    • Fattening foods are rewards for “good behavior” or achievement.Feeling overly full associated with comfort.
    • Obesogenic behaviors as a defense against the fear you would fail if you tried to lose weight.
    • Weight as a way to rebel against others who are upset about your weight..
    • Keeping yourself in an “unhealthy state” in order to be taken care of.

Hypnosis can help remove these and many other Emotional Subconscious blocks that are impeding your success and health goals.  At  Art of Fitness  they have a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist as a part of our team.  She leads a weekly Meditation Class in our Yoga Studio and consults with any client that chooses to reach out to her for a Professional Hypnotherapy assessment and consultation, to help you make the most of your efforts to obtain and maintain your Optimal Health