I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Brian Weiss author of Many Souls Many Masters , published July 1988, the first book I ever read pertaining to reincarnation and past lives.  I read that book almost 30 years ago and it changed the way I saw so many things and clearly opened my path to Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regressions.  Brian brought ancient beliefs and understanding to our generation and cleared the way to so many other books and authors.


While sitting in the audience listening to his very calming, soothing voice everything he said resonated with me.  One of the participants asked him about “soul mates” and he answered with


Having a soul mate connection does not mean that one is obligated to spend a lifetime together.  One has many soul mates in one’s lifetime.  Often when the lessons to be learned in the relationship are completed, the relationship has a natural ending and the two souls move on.  Also, there are many types of love and many types of soul relationships.  Romantic love is only one of these types.”


Just the day before I was speaking with my sister who said “I don’t believe in Soul Mates.”  and I responded with “I believe we have hundreds of soul mates.”  People are in our life for a season, a reason, or until death.  


We have all had friends that have come into our lives for a season, summer camp, middle school, college roommate, neighbor etc.  When we moved on we lost touch but we still think about them fondly and are thankful for their brief time in our lives.  They impacted us for better or for worse and we both moved on.


Then there are those who come into our lives or moments or years that teach us great lessons, some brilliant and some excruciating but all of them necessary.  Perhaps  they just cause our lives to pivot and head a different direction by trying to avoid them.  Many times it seems when you ask the Universe to help you find a new direction one of these reason soul mates enters your life and says “Go this way…not that”  It can be gradual or abrupt, and in hindsight you see the reason they appeared.


Where we tend to  get confused is in believing that our spouse is the until death person, our soulmate,  not our siblings/parents/children/extended family.  However,  the likelihood that you will be married to the same person you first said “til death do us part” to is only 50% and then there’s the 50/50 chance they could die first.  Reducing the odds to about 25% of your significant other to be the until death person.  Not to downplay the role of your significant other, but please take the time today to cherish the extended family in your life.  They are your soulmates as well.  


We are all here to learn lessons of love, not like a school but like a vocation.  We are also here to teach lessons to others.  Finding the balance.  Remember that just like you are looking for soulmates you are a soulmate to your family and friends.  The balance is undeniable and your calling to teach is as strong as to learn.  Open your heart to all of those around you, you have no idea when there is a lesson you will be called on to teach.