The origins of Hypnotherapy Healing goes back to Ancient Sleep Temples, Shamanistic Healings, and time they used Altered States for Healing.


Franz Anton Mesmer

franz-mesmerThe historic Father of Hypnotism is Franz Anton Mesmer.  He had a Strong Belief in Animal Magnetism, the force of energy in our bodies that was unseen.  It wasn’t too out there.  Invisible energies were being studied all over, it was during the same time that Ben Franklin had just discovered electricity, Newton described his theory of Gravity, magnetism and the protective magnetic field was being taught.  When Mesmer worked on patients he guided magnets over the patient’s body and in theory moved the energy around to cause healing… and he had success.  Mesmer, think mesmerism, would place in clients in a very relaxed state and utilize the magnets to improve the health of his patients.

One day he forgot the magnets, he thought to himself, “I have energy in my body, I will just focus my energy to move their’s.”  He went on with the healing process with the belief in his own energy, and had similar results.  From that time on he healed without the magnets just the altered state.  Ben Franklin, his contemporary, did research on Mesmer at the request of the French Government.  He found Mesmer to be an accomplished healer because he used 4 elements.  Belief, Imagination, (Faith) Imitation, and Suggestion.

Hypnotherapy and the Immune System

Hypnotherapy can be used in countless ways in making you feel better.  However, we as hypnotherapists only use therapy where we believe it will be effective.  If you broke your leg, I wouldn’t put you into hypnosis to heal your bone, even though I thoroughly believe it would expedite the healing I  would still  send you to a doctor.  The doctor would set the bone and put a cast on your leg.  But does the cast heal your broken bone?  Did the doctor heal your bone?  Or does your body heal your broken bone?  Our bodies natural healing system is second to none.  We can heal wounds, broken bones, combat germs, and rid ourselves of disease, and our Immune system is within our reach.  It lives in the 90% subconscious mind that pay little attention to.  Hypnotherapy gives you access to that 90%.

What if you said “I don’t believe in germs.”  Of course we believe they exist, but think of the millions of germs you come into contact with every day that your immune system fights off.   If we tell our immune system how strong it is and you don’t believe that there are any germs that can get by it.  How would that empower the immune system in your subconscious?  Be careful what dialog you have with yourself.  You are all strong creators.  What you think about is what you create.  Are you willing to give your immune system an “Atta Girl” every once in a while?  What would that cost you?  What could it save you?

In Hypnotherapy, you are given the skills to communicate with your subconscious and create positive outcomes.  Release your bodies own healing system by relaxing, meditating, forgiving and finding peace.  Stress makes everything worse, Peace makes everything better.  

Every thought has creative power!  What are you creating?  Create Health!!