Everyday we make choices that bring us closer toward our most heartfelt goal.  What is your heartfelt goal?  Do you even know?  Maybe…. Do you know where to find it?  Maybe….  Perhaps your goal is Prosperity-Perhaps your goal is Peace-Perhaps to be of service to others-Or a goal of healing yourself and everyone else you come into contact with.  All amazing ideals, all part of a much bigger Mission Statement, called your life.  Hint- How you live your life is a reflection of working toward that heartfelt goal.  Are you actively creating the life you choose to reach your goals?  Or are you sleepwalking through living today just like yesterday?

How do you find the steps to something much bigger than yourself… that’s  guided by feelings and intuition rather than images and flow charts?  You must look within yourself and open your heart for introspection.  Open your Heart and learn/remember to follow your bliss.  There are many ways to Open Your Heart and listen to your Inspiration.  Meditation is an awesome tool along with Prayer.  However, Hypnotherapy gives you a direct line to your subconscious mind.  Your Sub/Super Conscious mind is where all of the wonderful, ideas, intuition, and AH-HA moments come from.  Those gentle whispers that open you up to the possibilities ahead of you.

Today is the day to Open Your Heart and Listen to your Intuition start to  work toward that heartfelt goal.

Today CHOOSE to LIVE the LIFE YOU INTEND…. Change your “habits” a bit at a time.  Go to bed an hour earlier, get up an hour earlier.  Reach out to that contact you have been meaning to talk to.  Drink water and toss the Diet Soda.  Plan a new Vacation Destination.  Find a local restaurant you’ve never been to before.  Even brush your teeth with your other hand.  Whatever it takes to bring YOU into the present moment and decide that this is the life you always intended to have.  Do  whatever it takes to Find your Joy and Follow your Bliss.