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Optimal Health opens you up to countless opportunities. You must make diet, energy, and fitness a priority before your health can reach its peak. It is much easier to be extraordinary when you feel extraordinary. It is much easier feel confident when you look and feel great.  It is much easier to focus your energy on success when you aren’t distracted by pain or illness. Health is a key ingredient in all life’s great adventures.

We all know someone that was on the fast track to success, excelling in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, they experienced an accident or were diagnosed with a disease that completely sidetracked them, slowed them down, or outright ended their growth. They gave up on life by thinking life had given up on them, feeling like they were victimized, even short changed. Their life became a constant sacrifice to the Gods of Pain.

Then there are those that are diagnosed with terrible diseases, and yet they overcome insurmountable odds to fight back and flourish in life.  They have a ‘Never say die’ mentality and find joy in life’s littlest victories. These miracle makers are grateful for every healthy moment and make the most of it. They are winners in all aspects in life.

No matter the accident or chronic illness you find yourself pitted against, the ability to improve your situation is within you.  By cultivating a healthy mindset and reframing your suffering into opportunities for growth and continued success, you can change your life.

Your suffering is no less real; but it can be made temporary. It is entirely up to you to make that choice today. Choose to make healthier choices.

Eat better today. Move more today than you did yesterday. Understand that a diagnosis is not a life sentence. The internet is full of stories of miraculous humans, just like you, who have experienced “Radical Remission.”  There are people out there that overcome these physical objections every single day and you can join those success stories. Today is your day. Align your head, heart, and gut to make health your ally and not your enemy.

You know your health is out of alignment when you have self-conversations that go anything like this…

Gut-  Steers you away from things

  • “If I try something new I could get hurt and feel worse.”
  • “I shouldn’t eat that.”
  • “Stop drinking so much soda/alcohol, have some tea.”
  • “Don’t stay up so late.”
  • “Stop wasting time online. Get moving.”

Heart- Steers you towards things

  • “I love yoga, let’s start a yoga practice.”
  • “I want to eat better, I should start a diet.”
  • “Let’s sign up for a half marathon.”
  • “Wine is healthy.”
  • “There are so many other treatments, I could try something more holistic.”

Head- Reasons and Referees

  • “It hurts and takes too much time to exercise. Maybe tomorrow.”
  • “The Doctor gave me this medicine it must be the best thing for me.”
  • “Eating healthy is expensive and it takes too much effort”
  • “Having a drink or two at night is the only thing that makes me feel better.”
  • “My Diagnosis is what it is, Why Bother?”

The conversation goes in circles; on and on, and on, and on. Validating each and every statement above. Never reaching a conclusion or constantly waiting for the other party to make the first move.

Take the initiative in your life and find out what you want. Get your gut, heart, and mind on the same page. Learn to create your Optimum health.